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Get Involved...

At Little Bits we offer an open-door policy and encourage parents to come into our school and observe whenever they would like. Parents can participate in an activity or simply read the class a story.  You can also help out in the following activities as well.

  • We go on at least 2 field trips a year and are always in need of parent chaperones.

  • At Little Bits we love to celebrate the holidays and birthdays with our preschool Family.  You are always more than welcome to join us for the festivities!

  • Parent participation in our fundraisers, whether it be by organizing and running the fundraiser or simply by helping to raise funds.

  • Each year we participate in the Nipomo Christmas parade, we are always looking for volunteers to provide decorations, help set up/take down. We encourage ALL families to walk/ride along with us in the parade!

  • Please let us know if you have any special trade skills (plumber, electrician, landscaper, etc). We would love to support your family's businesses!

  • Are you a first responder? We would love to have you visit the classroom in uniform and talk about your profession!

  • Help prep projects in school or at home. 

  • Volunteer to set up at our Trunk or Treat or Hide eggs for our Easter Celebration!


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